Patient Information.

At Desert Pain Institute, our entire care team is dedicated to relieving your pain and getting you back to living a fuller life. Your journey begins with an initial evaluation with one of our double-board certified physicians. This evaluation will include a history, physical exam, & review of any films and/or records you had sent from your other physicians prior to your visit. In some cases, after the evaluation, additional diagnostic tests may be ordered to better determine the cause of your pain.

Individualized Care

After fully evaluating you, and reviewing the relevant imaging and tests, the physician will develop a treatment plan designed to treat the cause of your pain. Your treatment plan may include a single approach or a combination of techniques such as injections, medication, and/or physical therapy, etc. to reduce your pain and obtain your personal treatment goals.

Prepare for Your Visit


Please understand that as a part of an initial evaluation prescriptions for narcotic medication are not given. Due to the considerable risk of overdose and death with these medications, prescribing narcotics requires due diligence on the part of the physician and the patient. Such diligence includes review of the prior medical records, the state’s Prescription Monitoring Drug Program database, and urine drug sampling and analysis. The entire process may take up to 2 weeks depending on the availability and time it takes to obtain the relevant information. If there is a history of prescription drug misuse/abuse or active use of illegal substances then only non-narcotic options can be considered as a part of the treatment plan.


Follow up visits will usually occur monthly, but may vary depending on your specific treatment plan. At your follow-up, you will be seen by one of our outstanding and caring nurse practitioners. They will be working in close partnership with your physician to best implement your treatment plan and help you obtain your personal treatment goals.

For your initial evaluation, it is important that you bring the following:

  • All the medicine you are currently taking in their original prescription bottles
  • Driver’s license/Identification
  • Insurance card
  • Co-payment
  • X-ray, MRI, or CT Scan images
  • Any records that have not already been faxed or the names of physicians who have treated you for your condition

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