Nevro HF10.

Are your suffering from chronic back and leg pain? Have you tried many treatments but nothing seemed to work? Have you tried Spinal Cord stimulation which also failed?

The most common types of pain which the majority of adults experience in the US are back and leg pain. Research evidence supports the fact that the prevalence of chronic leg and back pain has significantly increased during the past few years among adults of all age groups. Almost 100 million people in the USA suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain affects nearly 1.5 billion people globally.

What is Chronic Pain?

A recurring and debilitating pain that lasts for at least 3-4 months or longer is known as chronic pain. It is difficult to cope with the chronic pain as it can persist for months. It can be the result of an injury like back sprain or strain or can also be a cause of some diseases or illness. However, it may occur without any clear reason. Other health issues usually accompany chronic pain such as mood disturbances, low appetite, fatigue, distress and sleep problems.

Chronic pain may limit individual’s mobility causing reduction in body’s strength, resilience and endurance. This creates difficulties in carrying out the regular tasks and entertaining activities leading to disability and distress.

How it is to Live with Chronic Pain?

Patients suffering from chronic pain often lead a life of resignation because it restricts their routine life, makes them depressed and withdrawn from their family and friends.

They start relying heavily on others for even simple routine tasks. Many patients try numerous ways to deal with their pain such as physiotherapy and surgeries, but it only makes their condition worse or their pain returns as a side effect.

Chronic lower back pain management with Traditional Spinal Cord Stimulation System

Traditional spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has proved to be highly effective for over 40 years in treating chronic pain in the lower back and legs. Moreover, in a day and age where we are more cognizant of the risks associated with opioids, stimulation offers a drug-free and minimally invasive option to treat pain. In addition, spinal cord stimulation can be a good option for patients who are not surgical candidates, those who have experienced surgery without relief, or maybe had surgery only to have worsened pain afterwords.

Effectiveness of High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation System (SCS)

The advanced SCS Nevro Senza HF10 treatment has been proven in head-to-head comparisons to give better relief from the chronic leg and back pain compared to lower frequency traditional spinal cord stimulation. Also, unlike traditional stimulation which causes a distracting feeling of tingling, buzzing or prickling in the back and legs, HF10 stimulation reduces pain without disturbing sensations. This is possible because the HF10 system cycles its impulses at nearly 10 times higher frequencies than traditional stimulation.

What is Senza Nevro HF10 System?

An implantable device, Nevro Senza HF10 was approved by the FDA in 2015 after extensive research, development, & patient experience in Europe & Australia.  It makes use of high-frequency electrical impulses at a patented 10 kHz frequency, far more than other types of neurostimulators to reduce pain and improve your function.

The research looking at patients who received HF10 stimulation showed that they experienced greater improvements in their ability to go about their daily routines and activities than their peers without stimulation and those with traditional devices.

How to Effectively Treat Chronic Back and Leg Pain with Nevro HF10?

Nevro HF10 therapy has been found to be highly effective in managing chronic leg and back pain that may result from different conditions. Patients receiving HF10 therapy have been shown to experience a 66.4% reduction in back pain and leg pain reduction of 69.5% in clinical studies.

At the Desert Pain Institute, we use the HF10 Spinal cord stimulation as one of the many offerings we have to effectively treat your pain. Providing access to the next-generation of spinal cord stimulation gives you the opportunity to use a treatment that is as safe as traditional SCS systems, but provides improved long-lasting relief from your chronic leg and back pain.

It is one part of the individualized multidisciplinary pain management we provide at Desert Pain Institute to help you manage your pain and get back to living your life.

Benefits of Using Nevro HF10 for Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

There are several benefits to using Nevro HF10 SCS over the traditional SCS.

  • There are no tingling, prickling or buzzing sensations called ‘paresthesia’ when you engage in your routine activities.
  • It gives you more freedom to move around without worries because Nevro HF10 therapy can be kept on during driving or sleeping.
  • In traditional SCS therapy, patients are required to stay awake during the implant to help the physician identify the most suitable electrode positioning. In Nevro HF10 patients are not required to remain awake during the implant, which is quick, simple and minimally invasive. You can use a remote control to switch the HF10 ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ and the physician can also remove it if required.

At Desert Pain Institute, the use of SCS or HF 10 may or may not become a component of your type of pain, your individualized treatment plan, and your pain management & insurance requirements.

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