About Us.

At Desert Pain Institute, our entire care team is dedicated to relieving your pain and getting you back to living a fuller life. Your journey begins with an initial evaluation with one of our double-board certified physicians. This evaluation will include a history, physical exam, & review of any films and/or records you had sent from your other physicians prior to your visit. In some cases, after the evaluation, additional diagnostic tests may be ordered to better determine the cause of your pain.



The Clinic

From the process of planning to implementation, the Desert Pain Institute was designed with the environment and healing in mind. The exterior and landscaping have been designed to seamlessly incorporate and accentuate the natural beauty of our desert habitat & the flora native to our area. The usage of glass surrounding the green internal courtyards helps to bring the outdoors inside the building to create a tranquil, holistic space where healing can occur.

Inside the facility, you will find a comprehensive medical clinic that provides our community with a resource to some of the latest advances in pain management care. The clinic has 15 examination rooms where patients will meet with a member of the care team and have physical exams and minor in-office procedures, many of them ultrasound guided.


The Surgery Center

For your safety and convenience, the Desert Pain Institute also includes an outpatient surgery center with 4 operating rooms. With a dedicated staff of nurses & radiologic technologists, you can rest assured knowing you have an outstanding team of caring and engaged professionals to assist in your care from beginning to end of your procedure day.

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